Accelerating Growth, Accelerating Profits
If you are looking to grow your business, then having the wisdom and advice
of other experienced business owners on hand to advise you is widely regarded
as an essential component of success for any business owner.

The benefits of such a Board Room facility can now be
sampled and enjoyed by all businesses in The Board

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"Our Mission Is To Help You Double Your Profits in a Year"
Up to 8 business owners meet once a month to:
  • 1. Focus on the key fundamentals of business success
  • 2. Celebrate their successes
  • 3. Outline their challenges
  • 4. Brainstorm Solutions
  • 5. Provide Creative Ideas
  • 6. Be Accountable *
*Harvard Research has proven that people are 85% more likely to be successful achieving their goals if they have accountability 

Why does it work so well?

As a collaborative versus competitive environment, it focuses on abundance versus scarcity, recognizing that there is inherent power in the collective wisdom to address any challenge or opportunity. The Goal is simply to achieve the best outcome for each Member every time. 

What is the time commitment of Membership?

Each Board Accelerator Mastermind Group meets once a month on the same day, from 8am-1pm, meeting informally for Breakfast first and then moving into the Meeting. 

Each Member also has an hour long 1:1 each month with their Group Facilitator. 

Who is it for?

It presents a natural next step forward for particularly ambitious business people who want to move into a more dynamic and focused environment to really accelerate the Growth and Development of their business in a significant way. 

How does someone become a member?

Prospective candidates are recommended by other Members and carefully vetted to insure that they:
- Have the right level of business experience
- Are clear in their ambition to drive their business forward
- Are ready to be supportive of the other Members of their Group. 
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